how to NOT enjoy books.

Reading books like me takes a special kind of arrogance and pettiness. Beware for only a few of you might be able to  pull it off!

  1. choose the book precisely because of it’s cover and no! don’t bother to read the description. These thing are beyond you.
  2. mock the book to it’s death and do everything in your power as a reader to feel like a GODDAMNED QUEEN.
  3. highlight every single YA theme and then make it impossible for you to enjoy a book. You have mastered the art of truly hating yourself and not sparing a single book of it’s “un-originality”
  4.  complain about not being comfortable enough if you for once are enjoying the book. It’s truly obligatory to live in hell when it comes to these sort of thing you know.
  5. make it a habit of rolling your eyes at the romance and if god forbid you love it, SHUT THE BOOK DOWN AT ONCE.
  6. truly enjoy a good book and then hate yourself for not writing it.
  7. spoil yourself
  8. marvel about your SUPERIOR intelligence when you (kinda) guess the plot points ( um…every once in a year )




catwoman by sarah J. Maas

Let me preface this review by saying that I adore Sarah j. Maas and her characters live and breathe and wreak havoc inside my skin.

Hence, i was hecka ready to latch onto the book the moment it got out.

But here’s the real question, did I like it?

Yes; I very much did. It was very much entertaining.

yes i i.gif



THAT is the problem. If I didn’t read her name on the cover, I wouldn’t have even thought it was written by her.

I expected something remarkable to blow me away. This book did not reach the pedestal that she had set up with a court of thorns and roses and throne of glass, let alone surpass it. It was just….



Yeah, that’s right. you can kill me now


anywho, let’s get to the specifics shall we:



Literally…who the heck are you AND I DON’T EVEN CARE!

He made out of literal cardboard. We rarely get an insight into him even though half the book is his POV and the little that we do…I just don’t care. He is not interesting at all.

Or maybe self-righteousness is just boring. whatever.


Firstly, Selina? As in…Celeana? I mean, But let’s just hope her name doesn’t turn into elen or something by the next book. I mean…*fingers crossed*

Ye feel me? LIke honestly, the last time that happened, which I am pretty sure y’all remember VERY WELL … I had a freaking heart attack.

Anywho back to the subject at hand, Selina was an interesting character but yet again; I found her very similar to Celeana and Feyre as in; being secretive,  superior to others bal bla bla. There were a lot of similarities.

She was perfect and everything went according to her throughout the entire book. She doesn’t face any challenges whatsoever by the plot or the characters who are always below her. Tell me one challenge that she had to face throughout the book because I am still racking my brain about it. Forget about that, tell me one failure she had to face in the book. That in itself, left no area for character development or growth.


( I mean, I couldn’t let that pass, could I?)

That doesn’t mean I don’t like her. In fact,  I loved how manipulative she was due to which she usually had the upper hand over other characters in the book. She is introduced as a cunning person and we see that, however, or BUTT

( whatever you want 🙂 )

I don’t think a clever person will ever just let someone take them away with the promise of keeping their sister safe…unless they saw that she was taken care of themselves with their literal eyes. I found that extremely gullible. I mean, it’s not like you will let your loved ones off just because someone you just met told you they will be taken care off. Am the only one here??

But I will let that pass.

Selina proves herself in this just fine.

But yet again; she was not a remarkable character. Sarah J. Maas has created better ones and some more.


It was good but like …eh! who cares . Here’s my guess for the next book: A love triangle with batman and luke and catwoman. Trrrsut me.

Here was my biggest disappointment with the book:

Harely and poison Ivy:

THey are Icornic characters and I don’ think they were protrayed well at all. In simple words; they are just boring. Am I the only one here? I expected sarah to do something creative with them. I mean the real Harley is like this:

Not once do I picture her or someone badass or crazy in the book. In fact, I feel like she was there just to move the plot along. Same goes for poison Ivy, even though I haven’t watched or read anything about her, I just expected more you know. I hope you get what I mean by this….

Over all, I would give this a five star. I love plot, the main character and the romance definitely sprinkled an entertaining tidbit to the story.

Anywho, So long


a thousand splendid suns.

I did not trust this book, with every single turning page, it had a dagger hidden behind it’s back. If you want to read a book about feminism where women hold their strength in their hand rather than swords and glaring eyes, this is the one.24d42d41bc52eb9971d1582b6b6dedaeIt gives a deep and honest and brutal insight into the lives of the women in Afghanistan during the Taliban war and what they had to suffer and endure through Laila and Mariam whose lives intertwine together in simple words; a lot of shitty ways. Trust me.

I will warn you guys though, it’s extremely emotional and takes, like I said, brutal turns and twists that honestly, messed me up. But that’s the best part of this book, it’s real. I feel like I just lived an entire lifetime with these characters. It wasn’t a sweet pixie dust load of bull shit.

Honestly, I want to applaud this author for how vividly he captured women in general and how they had to suffer. Saying that it brought tears to my eyes or it killed me is an understatement and doesn’t do it justice.  If yobe3a78e03759f647ed5546e539ccd50f.jpgu are going to read this book, just know that nothing and I mean nothing will go according to your ways. And honestly, that is life isn’t it? Throughout the entire book, this is the question that plagued my mind,” Is that how it was in there, is that what happened, is this what it felt like??” Because it makes you feel the dread of those women and children when rockets are constantly bombarding their hometown wondering and wondering where the next one is going to fall. And then, it shows you how a little kid watches her parents limbs falling to the ground in the wake of a bomb blast. And it shows you what went around the mind of those women hidden in their hijabs. What their lives must have been like.

In the end, it leaves you thinking about all those women who suffered like Maraim and how they were scorned upon and treated frankly, like rags. Because in reality, every single women suffered and suffers silently under the hands of men whether it be their husband or father.


Now when think about what it must have been like, for these women and men in general, my problems feels pathetic and petty.

highlights of the year so far.

This year was…crappy to say the least. In terms of reading that is. But still, I read some REALLY REALLY good books and hence, in no particular order:

(Also, I am not going to give descriptions of the particular books because eh!)

All the bright places By Jennifer Niven

Honestly, don’t let the title fool you because this book is NOT bright whatsoever. I have never cried so hard after finishing a book, and that is huge because I might have a shipwreck of feeling when it comes to books but very few make me cry. I read it in a single day which is yet again; rare and when i finished it…it was bad.

I mean…COME ONNNN!!!!

I was like…done for it. I cried to sleep and even after that, It opened my mind in a lot of ways for the next few weeks. I thought I knew what depression and mental illnesses were but I couldn’t be far from that and this book gives that new lens into depression. Finch Theodore is one of my all time favorite characters, hands down.


The cruel Prince By Holly Black:

You know, I was pretty skeptical going into this book because I had already read a holly black book and I hated it. Still, I let the hype get into my head and oh boy! it was beautiful. The end5867de5b6b0895d7f97207edabe7aab9.jpging is SO NOT ACCEPTABLE. I expected Cardan to be a typical bad boy YA character and I was pleasantly surprised. You slowly grow to like him throughout the entire book and I appreciate the fact that the author honestly did not focus on making us like him. She let him grow and adjust to us, if you know what I mean. But more than Cardan, I loved Jude. She was unlike any YA character I have read. It was refreshing to be honest with you. I don’t really do bad characters but honestly, she is so different and AAAA she grew on me. I love her. The entire book was amazing. I can’t

 wait for the next one.

The kite Runner:

This book was….NOW WORDS WHATSOEVER. It’s one of those books where I feel like, if someone gives it a lesser rating, it’s not because the plot was bad or the character or the writing. But because they didn’t agree with something that happened in the book or because it made yb4ad552508a838f093b36e597a4dd24bou sad. It’s was revolutionary and perfect. And by that I mean, It made you freaking think. The kind of books that influences you for the rest of your life. It gives you a perspective into a completely different kind of life. Here what I loved more than anything, it was real. From start to end, it showed you real life. How something can happen to you, or you do something and life literally snaps upside down and leaves you with questions upon questions. It shows…gah! i wanna read it again. But I did have one problem with it that I might make an entire new post on since I am desperately trying to avoid spoilers here.

War storm By Victoria Aveyard.

This is the finale to the infamous Red queen series. I had a great time reading this book and honestly, The only reason for that is


I read through the entire book just to get scraps of his POV’s. Seriously, I want a novella on him.

The poppy War by r.f.kuang:


Self-harm – Suicide – Violent rape – Sexual assault – Murder – Massacres – Brutalization – Mutilation – Torture – Substance abuse – Abuse – Emotional abuse – Physical abuse – Relationship abuse – Human experimentation – Chemical warfare – Genocide

You get the gist right? The first half of this book is calm and quiet and entertaining and then, the second half goes berserk. It takes war very seriously which is what I loved. This is the first time I truly looked through a character who was actually like…in war and like…you get what I mean. Even though there are a lot of books about war, this book took it seriously. I am going to quote the author here

“But here is why I wrote it: because silence hurts so much worse.”

I was seriously when I said this year was crappy. These are all the books that I can remember that blew me away.

And yeah, I will see you next time. Bye.


fairy tales and the moon. thats me.

I fumbled a lot around this site. I have a about wanting to be perfect and it’s tragic. But here we are; I do have another site on Word Press called a universe fireflie but I realized that I could’t possibly throw in reviews about books and character in there because my audience was solely looking for poems and stories and all that jazz.

hence, TA-DA!

she stole fairy tales into her big fat pocket and flew to the moon

I love the title. A LOT. It’s whimsical and perfect.

I will say though, I will definitely have a problem writing um….stuff I guess in here. I strictly write in poetry and stories. So forgive me if i sound a little weird.

Anywho, like before, I certainly do not know WHAT and HOW i am going to do things here but….

it’s books every body. BOOKS. strictly books. It either going to be a LOT OF FUN OR TRAGIC.

we will see but puh-lees stick around because I crave attention.